Reasons for Switching to Satellite

Posted by Tiffany on December 19, 2015
in Home

I remember growing up and thinking that I was lucky that I had cable in my house. Neither of my grandparents had cable at their house, and they each only got a few channels in over the air. I am glad that I do not live in a situation like that, because it would drive me crazy. I have been making a list of why Direct TV is better than cable and I have come up with a lot of reasons so far. In fact, I have come up with more reasons than I thought I would.

Not many of them are the joke-type reasons that you see on those commercials with Rob Lowe. Although, those commercials are pretty funny and they are one of the reasons why I got serious about switching to satellite. I just had to convince my girlfriend that it was a good idea, before we could actually get rid of our cable service. It took me over a month to convince her, and I am glad that she finally gave in, because we should be able to get a satellite service hooked up at our place within the next week.

I sure hope it won’t take longer than that, because I am going to go ahead and take back the cable box tomorrow. So if it does not get hooked up soon, then we are going to be without television for awhile, and while that is not the end of the world, it is certainly going to be more than a bit inconvenient. I know that my girlfriend likes watching television a lot, and to be honest it probably keeps her out of my hair a lot of the time. If she didn’t watch so much television, she would probably find more things to nag me about.